How are Thoughts Even Real?

Where do our thoughts come from, and how are we able to create and use them to formulate our physical reality?

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Our receiving mechanism for thought

So somehow, we have a receiving mechanism in our body that receives a frequency of something, that we then translate into a thought. And that mechanism is so powerful, that it can create new thoughts, that then also must have a frequency.

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Frequencies from the source

That said, wouldn’t it be likely to presume that ‘the source’ will also receive your ‘thought frequencies’?

Thoughts into reality

And what do we do with thoughts? We can take them and transfer them into our external reality. Invent the light bulb. Paint a painting. Write a song. Have the inspiration to create something.

A new sensory mechanism

Going back to Descartes, he described that since he is the one thinking his thoughts, he, therefore, had to exist. He had to be the one that creates them from this source and bring them to the physical reality.

The answer to everything

If we are able to accept this thought pattern, it would also be possible to believe that this sensing mechanism to the source, always has the answers (the response to our frequency) to the experiences we experience and always translate into thoughts.

Next step?

How do you proceed from here? How do you manage the thoughts so you can create your new reality? I have a strategy for you that will set the outlines exactly for you, how to move forward. Would it be a un-real idea to schedule a strategy discovery call to explore your best strategy?



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