Living in abundance doesn’t have to cost a lot of money

What would you do if you won the lottery? Like big? 10 million or so? Would you quit your job? Would you buy a fancy car? Invest? Share with friends and family? Your life would never be the same, right? Finally, you can live in abundance! What if I tell you, you can already live like that, even if you don’t win the lottery?

Maurice Zondag
5 min readFeb 8, 2022
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Winning 10 million is great of course, and for those who did, their life really made a big shift. Also, a lot of them lose all the money too, because they make stupid decisions with it and didn’t learn how to deal with that amount of money. And even if you win, you won’t be happier than someone making $ 75,000 a 2010 study showed. So don’t worry too much about not winning the lottery.

Money can create a feeling of happiness when you have enough to not worry so much. When you can live a regular lifestyle and cover your costs every month. But making more than 75K doesn’t make you happier.

Abundance and happiness are often linked together. The moment people don’t experience any lack in something, the worry goes away and makes place for contentment. The feeling of being grateful for what you have and that you have enough of it. And that goes for all areas in life.

But what is ‘enough’? Financially it seems to be around that 75,000 annual income. But why? Does that mean that people making less can’t be happy?

No, of course not. How you feel is an inside job. The moment someone you love tells you he or she loves you, that creates a feeling of happiness. The moment you are in the flow of doing something you love, you feel happy. The soft feeling of your bed after a long tiring day can make you feel happy. A nice warm shower can make you feel happy. So many things can make you feel happy if you’re open to it.

If you’re not aware of the softness of your bed, you won’t feel happy. If you’re not aware of the nice warm water touching your skin, you won’t feel happy. If you let negative thoughts run your day, you will never feel happy.

So happiness is never about external factors, even though we have learned that those things are the reason to be happy. A bigger house, a better job, more money, more vacations, the latest iPhone, it will NOT make you happy. Even though you might feel some sort of happiness attaining those things, it is you triggering the feeling of happiness, not the thing outside of you.

Just like happiness is a state that comes from within, so is abundance.

And let’s be honest, feeling abundant is a great feeling! It’s a feeling there’s enough of everything for you to have, without it meaning there’s not enough for others.

What do I mean by that?

Well, that’s easy. You having food on the table, does that mean your neighbor hasn’t? No. There’s enough for you both. You breathing the oxygen you do every day, does that mean there’s not enough oxygen for others to breathe? No, of course not. You making enough money to live your lifestyle, doesn’t mean others can’t make enough money too. There’s enough.

You experiencing love doesn’t mean there can’t be love for others. You being happy in your work doesn’t mean others can’t be happy in their work too. You being healthy doesn’t take health away from others.

There’s literally abundance everywhere in everything!

You just have to be aware of it.

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But what if you don’t make enough money? Or don’t have a loved one in your life? Then the feeling of abundance suddenly seems to be far-fetched.

Yes, that’s how many people think, but didn’t we conclude that it’s a feeling from inside? Not determined by outside factors?

So why do we connect it to the result we see?

Not having enough money doesn’t seem very abundant, it’s not in my account! And that’s true, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough money around! It’s just not yours yet.

You see, feeling abundant has nothing to do with the result you see. It’s a choice of how you want to feel. So even when not having 75k a year, you can still feel abundant.

Let’s say you do have $100. Think about all the things you can spend it on. And every time you think of something you can spend it on, how does that make you feel?

You could have a very fancy dinner. A new watch. A new smart speaker for in your bathroom for when you take that nice warm shower. You can buy 2 tickets to an amusement park. Or go to the movie with 3 friends. Or invest in online crypto and make it even more potential. You can buy so many things for 100 dollars. But we don’t always recognize that. Because, well, a hundred bucks can be spent easily. No big deal.

All I’m suggesting is be more aware of the potential and all the options you have. Abundance is a mindset, not defined by external factors.

So whether you have ‘just’ 100 dollars, or you do have the 75k or more, happiness and abundance are not linked to any of them. It’s about how you perceive those terms and how you choose to welcome them into your mind.

Do you choose to be happy, even when external results show you unwanted situations? Do you choose to feel abundant in anything you have, even though you might want more and don’t have it yet?

It’s an inner game, based on your conscious decision. Do you allow feeling abundant and happy?

It really is that simple. And if it’s not simple, you have to keep trying harder, because it really is.

Remember that the following process is always true:
The way you think controls how you feel and the way you feel triggers new thoughts.

So if you start thinking more positive thoughts, you will feel more positive. Even if your internal dialogue chimes in now and then to ‘call reality’ to the game. Acknowledge reality, deal with it, just don’t let it clutter your thoughts, because they determine how you feel.

And I don’t know about you, but I prefer feeling good more than feeling bad.

It’s the thoughts. The mindset of being grateful for what you have. The mindset of seeing things abundant or from a place of scarcity. It really is up to you.

Because abundance is already out there. You just have to recognize it and let it in your life too.



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